with the help of their fellow frogs, a frog goes where no frog has gone before.

~1 min to play :~)

use arrow keys or WASD to move


Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(50 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withbitsy
Tags2D, Bitsy, Pixel Art


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Brandon is a champ!

This is excellent

this is super good and cute :) love seeing people do stuff outside the norm w/ bitsy (and how annoying it must have been to make all that stuff in 8x8 tiles… i feel ya)

They are all the first frog

beautiful game and music

omg so good, I showed my friend and she loved it too!!!

Amazing. You delivered an emotional story in the span of a minute. <3

wow, this is devastatingly good -- unbelievably good writing and tone. thank you for making this! :)


ahhh thank *you* for the kind words! <3

i'm so happy for them!!! :')


Such cute frogs!!!!

And the view is Breathtaking ✨✨✨✨

But how ARE they going to get down :0

this is so good! really enjoyed the ascension and the last panel did not disappoint! great work!!

thank you!! :’)

I loved that story!

thanks!! glad you enjoyed

omg i love this!

thank you!! 💕


AAAA this is amazing!


thanks dino!! :~)


this was so lovely the narrative and the music all wonderful^^

ah thank you 💛


omg loved this, thank u

thank U for playing!

so cute!


I appreciate


Really good game!

thank you!!


Wow, really good. Great art, funny writing (and premise). I loved it.


ty ty!!


omg when i tell you i actually teared up!!! as always, the music and art is so pretty and fitting and beautiful and the color palette was also so good, the cool tones but getting slightly brighter and brighter as we go up... speaking of, the vertical ascent was super intuitive and the little dialogue sprites (peak comedy) made me look forward to moving but the art and animation sprites kept me staying in a room longer to appreciate and take my time!! the end where you saw everything tho ; - ; this was so good dude :')